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The best way to solve a PR problem? Build an arcade game.


It couldn’t last forever. Windows XP and Internet Explorer 6 had been around nearly 15 years — and now, Microsoft would end support for the vaunted OS and browser. That would mean freedom for the army of developers who kept patching security holes and supporting sites for them — but anytime you pull a plug, the news cycle can go negative. Microsoft asked BaM for a game that would demonstrate the HTML5-based power of the modern browser, and poke a little fun at the aging tech. With its zombie Clippy running rampant, the game was an instant hit with its developer audience — but then, word spread. By the end of the day after release it had been covered by CNET, Time, Adweek, Gizmodo and other general interest media. Over 1 million page views in week one helped turn the larger conversation around.

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Page views exceeded 1 million in the first week

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“It turns out Microsoft has a sense of humor after all.”

— Time Magazine — Time Magazine

1,932% increase in traffic from social channels