How a Klondike Bear helped
Xbox Live get 22% more sign ups.

More people spend more hours with Microsoft Solitaire than with just about any other piece of PC software. (Yes, really.) As Microsoft unified their gaming world under the Xbox umbrella, it was important to convert these users over to an Xbox Live ID.

So what was in it for the user? The answer was that you got to keep your badges and earn new ones. For the people that invested this much time into solitaire, this was important. If Microsoft wanted to maintain their solitaire dominance, they needed to make this clear.

To drive sign-ups, we created an in-game interstitial video featuring a serious achievement collector surrounded by his trophies. The interstitial, alongside programmatic banners and Facebook ads, directed users to a campaign landing page where they were able to quickly sign up and get back to the game they love.

The common success metric is clicks on the CTA, but ours was conversions. Typically, in-game interstitial videos convert less than 5% who click to sign up. “The Completionist” and his Klondike Bear converted 27%.

Online Video

Programmatic Banners

Campaign Landing Page and Confirmation Page

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